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Getting the Right Blow Dryer


I wanted to thank you for the article on blow drying your poodle.

I recently got a 13 pound poodle mix from the shelter.  He definitely has a poodle coat.  When I got him he was extremely matted and I carefully shaved him down.  This took a couple of days so that we wouldn’t wear each other out.  I’ve bathed him and taken him to a local groomer to have his hair evened out.

Now I’d like to take on the grooming.  Otis is my first poodle.  I’ve had cockers and newfies in the past, so this is very unfamiliar territory.  I’d like to keep him in a serviceable puppy clip.

I’m getting ready to purchase  a dryer, and am becoming a bit confused.  After researching dryers I think I’ve settled on a Metro Air Force dryer.  The big question is which model.  A review of the hand held model indicated that it might be too powerful for a small dog.  Would purchasing a two speed dryer address this problem?

If you have any words of wisdom on this topic, I’d be very grateful.

Beth Stewart
Juneau, Alaska