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Poodle Dog Welcomes You

Welcome to Poodle Dog, home of the wonderful Admiration Standard Poodles. For anyone new to the Standard Poodle breed…you are in for a treat. For those already acquainted with these magnificent beauties, you have definitely come to the right spot.

Southern California is known for some of the world’s most elegant Standard Poodles and being based in the area of Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego, & Riverside Counties, Admiration Standards are right in the heart of Poodle Town!

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Why Admiration Standard Poodles?


Our involvement in canine care and breeding spans over 30 years. Through the years, our familiarity with all dog breeds led us to know that the Standard Poodle was the dog for us. Our extensive training background in dog obedience, tracking, retrieving and other facets of peformance helps us to breed for stable nerves and sound temperament. Our application of holistic methods of caring for our poodles set us apart from other breeders. We recognize that, in order to get a good start, puppies have physical, emotional and spiritual needs. We have originated breeder education programs and wellness programs that have raised the bar on the care and raising of poodle puppies. We know education is the key if our breed is to continue to flourish.

A Good Start

We do genetic testing on our dogs before they are bred. This ensures that we will not pass potential weaknesses within the line. We start working with our puppies immediately upon birth to ensure they are social and trustworthy. This makes a superior adult dog that will be loyal, fun and intelligent. Our pure bred beauties are all AKC registered champion lines.


All of our Poodles are fed an all-natural, raw Green Tripe diet along with Admiration Wellness “The Basics” supplements. This assures that they get the best possible start in life and that they continue to stay healthy for many wonderful years to come!

Daily exercise in our spacious, specially-designed puppy play-pens gives our puppies an extra advantage for agility and social skills. Additionally, specially-adapted behavioral development exercises are given from Days 3 to 16 to give the pups an early start for fabulous temperaments and exceptional health.


Grooming and housebreaking start at 4 weeks of age, so that our pups have a head start on what will become a life-long routine. This helps to decrease stress when your puppy is getting used to his/her new surroundings.


Our pups are home-raised and we never have more than one litter at a time. This way each puppy gets the attention he or she needs to form a steady temperament as an adult.