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Little Ella Goes to NASA

A note from Kathy, Little Ella the Standard Poodle Puppy in training at NASA :

Just wanted to let you know that tomorrow is Ella's first day at
"work".  I want to do this "just right", so I have been giving it a lot of
thought.  Wish us luck!!

NASA (where I work) is on Edwards Air Force Base, and I was aware that they
have a therapy dog there.  I called the guy who owns him and he brought the
dog over for me to meet on Friday.  We talked a long time and he said I can
bring Ella over any time to go around and get "socialized".  At least the
people over there that he knows are accustomed to the energy needed to be
around these dogs.  I will probably have to train the people at NASA more
than I will have to train Ella!!