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Monsieur Louie The Poodle Phones Home

Happy thoughts from an Admiration Poodle family. "Louie is the best dog in the WORLD and we absolutely adore him! He is a great addition to our family and just perfect for us. When we go for walks, people are always smiling & commenting about how beautiful he is. He is such a sweet, loving dog and we are […]

Jett Doing Well

Hi Jacki,I am the owner of one of your puppies from the litter Natalie had in the summer of 2001. I do not know if your recall the black puppy we named Jett. He is now nine years old and doing very well. People can't believe he is nine years old. He is still a […]

Little Ella Goes to NASA

A note from Kathy, Little Ella the Standard Poodle Puppy in training at NASA : Just wanted to let you know that tomorrow is Ella's first day at"work".  I want to do this "just right", so I have been giving it a lot of thought.  Wish us luck!! NASA (where I work) is on Edwards […]

Colors in Standard Poodles

I do not recommend purchasing a Standard Poodle based on color. Here's the run down on color associated characteristics: Black or white are the most stable and outgoing in the breed. Blue and silvers are a bit reserved although sweet Browns are know as the "clowns in the breed" as they tend to be more […]

Picking your Standard Poodle Puppy Out

When picking a Poodle Puppy remember that the puppy who hangs in the back of the pack or seems timid when approached will be the puppy that grows to be a very sweet, mild and loving adult. These puppies will be easier puppies to get through the 6 month to 1 1/2 year stage of […]

Poodle Tails

Some lines produce what is called a "Gay" or "Rune" Tail, meaning they lay over the back of the Poodle. As the Poodle gets older some will relax and be somewhat straighter, it depends on how "Gay" the tail is to begin with. My own viewpoint is that when we started docking the tails longer […]

Cherri’s & Stanzi’s Turn

Cherri’s turn to get a bath today. Stanzi too will be bathed and rebanded (top knot and mane protection). Our show Poodles have to be banded every other day and bathed at least once a week. The Poodles love to come to the PoodleTown Tavern to have their hair done. They get to stay in the […]

Ella and Her Poodle Pups

My husband Don loves to sing to our Standard Poodles. Ella and her puppies really enjoy his soothing  serenade while spending time in their playpen in the middle of our living room. We know having a bunch of puppies in the living room isn't a lifestyle that everyone could enjoy but it really works for us. Ella […]

Landscaping for Your Poodles

When we first purchased Admiration Ranch back in 2006, we knew we would needed to do some fixing up to make it Poodle-friendly. It just comes with the territory of Poodle Ownership. We laid 3/4″ pea gravel on our 2,000 foot driveway that was perfect for then to romp on and do their business. We […]