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New Video: The Cuddle

Poodle Training Tips Would you like to learn a very simple, yet powerful way to train your puppy or dog? Many times, the main issue has to do with an alpha dog. Often times, basic training and even grooming habits are nearly impossible because of a dog who thinks he or she is the ruler […]

Really Cleaning a Dog’s Teeth

Hi Jacki I just had my 1st successful brushing of Midnight’s teeth. Before we were using the regular dog poultry flavored toothbrush kit, and getting nowhere. He always squirmed, bit me, and ran away. My 29 years of Dental Hygiene experience just kicked in. When it comes to toothbrushes, smaller is always better, especially with […]

Getting the Right Blow Dryer

Hello, I wanted to thank you for the article on blow drying your poodle. I recently got a 13 pound poodle mix from the shelter.  He definitely has a poodle coat.  When I got him he was extremely matted and I carefully shaved him down.  This took a couple of days so that we wouldn’t […]

Raw meaty bones

Raw meaty bones (including beef, lamb, chicken & pork bones) are very nutritious and will naturally keep teeth clean, therefore preventing tartar buildup, which causes bacteria throughout your Poodle’s system. Feeding raw meaty bones will cut costs of expensive dentals and save your Poodle from having to go under anesthesia for teeth cleaning. CAUTION: Never […]

Runny eyes

If your Poodle’s eyes are runny, it could be springtime allergies OR it could be that your poodle needs more frequent ear cleaning, as the ears and eyes are connected.

Poodles Do Sunburn

When it’s time to give your poodle it’s summer clip, be sure to use sunscreen before going out into the sun. Poodles will sunburn, if exposed.

Ear Maintenance

We highly recommend that a poodle’s ears be cleaned at least once a week. The hair in ear canal should be kept cleaned out regularly, as well. (For more details, click HERE)

Chemical-free Pest Control

To keep your pets food safe from ants, just draw a line around the food dish with a piece of chalk. Ants will not cross the chalk line.

Dry, itchy skin

Home heating can cause dry itchy skin, so adding some borage oil to food will help reduce itchy-dry skin, and keep coat shiny.

Those cold winter days

For these cold winter days, add some hot water or broth to their food to warm them up!