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Colors in Standard Poodles

I do not recommend purchasing a Standard Poodle based on color.

Here's the run down on color associated characteristics:

Black or white are the most stable and outgoing in the breed.
Blue and silvers are a bit reserved although sweet
Browns are know as the "clowns in the breed" as they tend to be more active
Reds and apricots are sweet but can be harder to train, a bit goofy, very loving though
Party Poodles are not as developed as they have been ignored by the educated breeders due to the fact they are not recognize on the AKC Show Ring. However in recent years some of the good breeders have taken an interest and are trying to bring them into being the elegant dogs we see in the other colors.

The blacks and whites have had most of the attention by knowledgeable breeders so they tend to be more sophisticated in temperament and refined in appearance.