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AKC: Thetans Ella Bell Aster

Ella Bell

Coal black with eyes like black diamonds, a medium sized female. Ella has a beautiful gait and when she’s on the end of a leash her light way of maneuvering is a joy. She is a good girl on the grooming table and always appreciates looking pretty after a new do.

Ella is our comedian. She is very verbal (not barky though) and will let you know just what’s she’s thinking with very direct communication. She will use body language or low grumbles. She also has a very distinct set of barks that she varies depending on what she is trying to communicate. If she is out late at night she will stand at the back door and make very quick, low and muffled barks to get our attention, not the attention of the neighbors.

Our Ella is very, very intelligent. She likes to sleep in while the other dogs are out in the yard and kennels in the morning. Ella will bark like mad at the lawn mower through our chain link kennels, she runs over to her bowl and grabs mouth fulls of food while the lawn mower is going to demonstrate her excitement.

She's a total rock star when it comes to walking on the end of a leash. She has a perfect “heel” and is self taught to sit at the traffic lights. Ella loves to sit on her Daddy’s lap (she weighs 47 pounds) while he watches TV. We do plan to put an obedience title on Ella this summer. She loves children and puppies.

Ella is a very special angel to us and we love her so much.

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