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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose a Standard Poodle?

  • They are naturally very clean
  • They do not shed, thus no hair to clean up, and less problems with allergies
  • For excercise, they are a wonderful jogging/walking companion – as well as protection while out
  • They are wonderful guard dogs, with no aggressive training
  • Highly intellegent. Training is often unnecessary as they are quick learners
  • They are a wonderful companion for all ages – the very young to the very elderly

Why should I choose an Admiration Standard Poodle?
We take a lot of pride, as responsible breeders, in ensuring the Admiration line is upheld ethically. Please see our Home Page, under “Why Admiration Standard Poodles”.

Where should I buy my Standard Poodle, from a breeder or a pet store?
Only from a responsible breeder
There is a very revealing article on the American Kennel Club’s website, entitled “A Responsible Breeder”, which you should read. You can find a link to this under Resources.
Once I get my new puppy, what should I do first?

  • Get him or her started off on a nutritious diet. We recommend Back to Basics pet foods, which you may have to order. To learn about this product go to our “Resources” page.
  • Research to find a good, reputable & responsible DVM. WARNING – Do not just go to any vet. Get your new puppy checked out by a responsible practitioner – you may want to consider a member of the AHVMA (click here), rather than the AVMA. Decisions and planning for vaccinations (yes/no) spaying/neutering should be made at an early stage.
  • Training should begin early, as well, so your puppy will know what is expected. Obedience & agility are to two training methods.
  • Remember, puppies will chew things. So, if you don’t want it chewed, don’t leave it available. You have now been warned – if it gets chewed, it’s not your puppy’s fault. You may want to stock up on some chew toys, pig ears or rawhide. Try to get the natural ones, which haven’t been treated (ruined) with nitrates.

What is a Standard Poodle’s behavior like?
The Standard Poodle is responsive, easy to train, and a reliable companion, guard and retriever. You can expect a lot of love and attention from your poodle. You will need to be prepared to go on lots of walks and offer lots of petting. This is a very intelligent dog and training is not a long and arduous task, so you can expect a very well-mannered member to your family.
Why do poodles have those fancy hairdos?
The poodle was once a water dog. As with many breeds, original standards are carried on through the years. Today’s grooming style is based on historic grooming to reduce water resistance while working (ie. a. well-proportioned and dignified head, b. hair left on tail gives buoyancy while swimming, c. hair on feet increases swimming power).
What’s the difference between a Standard, Miniature and a Toy Poodle?
The American Kennel Club has it worded like this: “The Standard Poodle is the oldest of the three varieties. The words Standard, Miniature, and Toy are used to denote size only. All of these are one breed”. The AKC continues with, “The Standard for the Poodle (Toy variety) is the same as for the Standard and Miniature varieties except as regards heights.”
The AKC classifies and judges a poodle as a poodle, regardless of height. The full AKC poodle judging criteria is on our page, “The Standard Poodle”. You will also find on that page, however, that there are other systems of classification.
Why do they call them “French Poodles”?
Because the poodle is the national dog of France. They are not originally from France, they came from Germany.