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Health and Our Future
by Jacki Panzik

I was always a sickly kid, one thing after another from yearly bouts of pneumonia to high fever to allergies and so on. As time passed I grew into a sickly adult. My allergies became more exaggerated. I even went through a stage of having such extreme reactions to some foods that the doctor told me I could die within 9 minutes if I didn’t get the “necessary treatment”.

Time went on and one illness lead to another illness which lead to one drug which lead to another and so on. By the time a reached my late 30’s I was one sick individual and there were not enough drugs to fix me so the next step was, of course, surgery which I regrettably had. But even after the surgery good health and vitality were still out my reach, just a concept but nothing real in my everyday life. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. So I decided to change the way I had been doing things, because obviously it wasn’t working for me long term, depending on others to “fix” me, so I started studying natural medicine. I decided to take responsibility for my own health conditions.

I had reached a point of conclusion that the drugs were just suppressing one symptom and leading me to the next. My quest for my own health has been a journey that has taken me places I never would have expected to go. I have met real healers and have found real solutions, that don’t involve poisons (drugs), radiation or surgery, the stock and trade of allopathic medicine. Today I am a much healthier person. I know that if I had not chose to take the unconventional route I would be a nonfunctioning individual going from one doctors appointment to the next, taking yet more drugs and who knows what that would lead to. I am truly grateful to be alive and healthy today.

I have traveled extensively learning about how the body functions and what bodies need to be healthy and function correctly. It was when I became exposed to Environmental Medicine and Defeat Autism Now “DAN” that I realized the magnitude of adverse effects that are being brought upon our young, human and animal alike. We are in a true state of global emergency on this subject and if we don’t start changing our approach to rearing our young and our own health care we will have a world of sick individuals and true health will be a thing of the past. It’s already happening, very sad for all.

It is now evidenced from many different sources that extreme focus on genetics being the basis of all our health problems is, going to be an influence that will lead to the demise of humans and domestic animals. The current practice of expecting our children and our young animals to survive and be strong after generations of toxins being pumped into their bodies, breathing poisons in our air supply, eating foods that have so little nutrition we might as well be eating cardboard, being exposed to vast amounts of radiation and chaotic electrical fields is much too much to expect of any genetic line in any species.

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Did you know that if a mother is carrying a toxic load during her pregnancy the baby is at risk of absorbing 5 times the levels of toxins the mother is carrying?

Our young are in trouble. We need to help them. Pointing the broad brush finger at genetics as the main route cause of escalating illnesses is a very dangerous conclusion to make. Chopping off whole branches from our family trees as an attempt to escape the dreaded DNA is also a very impractical approach. We will finally reach a point, already have in most cases, that no genetic line is pure and unaffected by something. So what happens when the unaffected of the day become affected? Should it matter to us? Most of us will be too old to care by that time, right? Should we just ignore what’s happening and let someone younger and smarter figure it out? I think not. If you read on you will become part of those “in the know” and will therefore be responsible for to the future of all.

So, what about the dogs? If one were to say that no puppy ever came up with any condition in the history of a long term breeding program that would simply be impossible and would be a false statement. Some breeders take the high road and only have a litter every 3 or 5 years. These are the righteous breeders who never have any puppy or adult be afflicted by any condition, law of averages on their side, of course.

If we have it all figured out and “know what works” because we’ve been at it for oh so many years then why are we seeing such horrible rising statistics when it comes to childhood diseases like cancer, diabetes and terrible neurological issues that effect some for life if not treated promptly and properly? Same holds true for the dogs.

I have experienced recovery myself. I have witnessed recovery in others that some would say impossible. I want the time to come when it’s common for new mothers to be thoroughly detoxified before getting pregnant. I want to see a time when the majority of breeding programs are approached from a toxin-free viewpoint. I want to see breeders who are educated in nutrition and natural health care instead of just taking what their vet says as the gospel truth. An example I hear a lot is “I feed blankity-blank food because that’s what my vet recommends, and besides it’s convenient because that’s the food my vet sells”.

Medicine in the US, including veterinary medicine, is an industry, a very profitable one I might add. Without illness the industry would suffer greatly and in turn our economy. This includes genetic testing. Genetic testing, is a tool the industry has found to perpetuate itself masked as a “preventative approach”. To label testing “Genetic” (with the exception of Von Willebrand disease, as the DNA marker has been found) is fraudulent. It should be called something like “Currently Affected/Unaffected” testing as the current tests available will only tell us if the dog is affected at the time of the test. If a stud dog has been used for several different litters and has passed his testing, up to say age 5, then is retired and develops something at 8 then what? Oops! At best, with the current approach, we are shooting in the dark. We must look for the triggers that cause these conditions to manifest.

Now, I know that if some of you old-time breeders read this, the hair on the back of your necks may be standing on end. Please let me make it perfectly clear to you that I am not implying that genetics is not a factor in disease. It is. I am stating that we have unintentionally turned some genetic switches in recent generations by giving our dogs toxins thinking we were doing the right thing because that’s what we were told to do by “the experts”. There are effective natural alternatives for the vast majority of health situations that might come up. We can, with proper care, turn those genetic switches back off if we start before it’s too late. It might be already.

We have been betrayed and in the process inadvertently betrayed our beloved dogs by weakening their immune systems thus making them more susceptible to disease, some of which were not an issue at all decades ago. We can reverse this process, but it’s going to take some agreement, breeder-to-breeder and breeder-to-pet-parent. Some say it’s going to take 3 to 5 generations to reverse the adverse effects that have been bestowed upon our canine friends following the advice of those who profit from our lack of ability to obtain sound data. The internet has brought vast amounts of knowledge right at our finger tips. We are becoming smarter and less easily-fooled.

So, with that said, at the risk of my popularity among the main stream, I am providing you with resources that I have gathered. It is my duty because I have the information. It would be wrong of me to keep it to myself. If you have the interest, you can use what I have learned to help take care of yourself, your children and your pets. I am still learning and will continue to update my site with new information as it comes to me.

Some of the information is human-based but remember that mammalian bodies are very similar in makeup so it can be said that what applies to humans can apply to other mammals as well.

It’s really not all that complicated to obtain good health and good health in our offspring. Good nutrition, avoiding ingested chemicals as much as possible, getting the toxins that are in the body out by exercise, homeopathy and other means are now available to us.

Be grateful on a daily basis. Know that we all possess the power to determine our own future and the future ones we love so dearly who depend on us to do the right thing.