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Chemical-free Flea Spray

Take a FAT lemon (the more rind, the better) and slice it paper thin. Put into a glass or ceramic bowl. Add a big sprig of rosemary (we grow our own), or a Tbsp of crushed, dried. Pour hot (near boiling) water over and let steep overnight. Strain throught a fine sieve or cheesecloth and put into a sprayer bottle.

Keep in fridge. Mist your dog before each walk or as needed. Spray on feet, legs, belly and “private parts” … where fleas and ticks love to go.

This also makes a great grooming spray when you are finishing your grooming. It makes the coat shine like crazy (lemon oil) and your poodle will smell SO good. Lemon oil is also an antiseptic, so not only do you prevent fleas and ticks, you prevent bacteria as well!