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Our New Website

You may have noticed that our website has had a makeover. After several years with our blue layout, we thought it was time to modernize a bit and present ourselves with a nice blogging setup.

You may still land on a “blue page” or two here and there, but fret not, you’re still at home on Poodle Dog!

All of the pages and articles that were on the site before are still here, but reformatted for the new site. We feel that this new setup will be more user-friendly and much easier to navigate.

Some of the new features are:

  • A better Search Tool – to make it easy to find the topics you’re looking for (upper right-hand corner)
  • Easy-to-find Links to our online stores and sister sites
  • Quick access to the best Poodle Supplies, which links instantly to our sister sites The Poodle Supply Shop and Admiration Wellness Products
  • Resources Links (such as AKC & PCA)  We admit that they were hard to find before, so now you can’t miss them
  • Blog with Categories topics, complete with RSS feeds links so you can subscribe using your favorite feeds

As I mentioned, all the great Tips on Grooming, Health and Training are still here, but are much easier to find with 2 Navigation bars…across the top of the pages and in the left column.

We hope you enjoy our site and share it with others. We also hope to see you in some of the social networks, such as YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Dogster, not to mention on Jacki’s personal dog blog, Jacki’s Dogs. Be sure to sign up as friends and place your comments!