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Extended Holiday Wishes

Extended Holiday Wishes from Kent Kay and Koko Colberg

Holiday pics from some of our Poodles

Spencer Has Found His Home (aka “Paddy”)

For those of you who were drooling over Paddy (now named “Spencer”), we must let you know that he got his perfect home. Here’s a Christmas picture in his new family’s home. Merry Christmas Spencer!

Meet Spencer, the new member of our family. He is wonderful and seems very happy to be our boy. – Brian & Nancy

Yum Yum’s First Major

Yum Yum’s winning picture from her first Major Win on Nov 2 at the San Gabriel Valley Kennel Club dog show. She is pictured here with her Handler, Daniel Chavez and show Judge Joe C. Walton. We are looking forward to Yum Yum’s future wins.

Merry Christmas from Sophie

This is a Merry Christmas greeting to us from one of our Poodle families.

Male Standard Poodle – Paddy

This beautiful young man is available.
He’s very sweet and fun-loving.
He wants to please and will be the perfect companion for the perfect family.

Amber and Pepe Need a Home

We are re-homing Amber & Pepe for a friend who lost her job and can no longer keep them. They are both very social, sweet, loving and fun! They must go together because they are best friends. They would be great for Grandma or as family pets.

Amber is an apricot miniature poodle

Pepe is a grey and white toy poodle

Birdie Goes Home

Birdie’s new owners came and took her home to Bakersfield yesterday. Here’s a picture of us and a note from her new Mommy…

Hi Jacki,
Tim and I have been floored by what an amazing dog Birdie is. It’s like driving a VW Bug all my life and suddenly someone handing me the keys to a Porsche. I had no idea dogs like this exist. Darn few, I imagine.

More adventures to follow!

Dana Yeoman, DDS

UPDATE Sept 21, 2014

Pool Party at Admiration Standard Poodle Ranch

We’re all having a pool party. Come join in on the fun.

Admiration Standard Poodles

Through the years in the canine grooming and training world I fell in love with the Standard Poodle. I purchased my first Standard Poodle as a loving pet. I called him Doc. It was always fun to ask him, “What’s up Doc?” Doc was a gentle soul and he and I were real close friends. We would go to dog shows to watch the poodles together. Doc was a real trooper, letting me practice my “show grooming” skills on him over and over. He liked the attention.

That was the begining of a long relationship with the Standard Poodle. The poodles are always wonderful and always hold up their part of the bargain when it comes to being superb companions.

Admiration has produced Champions through the years with careful guidance from some of the top veterans of the poodle show ring. I am truly grateful to have been able to know and learn from these poodle experts and have applied what I have learned in my breeding and rearing practices.

In the mid 90’s I married Don Panzik who now has joined me in my poodle passion. We live with and love our poodles as our children. It’s very important to us that our poodles are well cared for, are healthy and happy. We breed our poodles per the standard according to the Poodle Club of America. Always striving to improve with each breeding.

Our poodles are our family first to have fun with both around our ranch as well as in the show ring, on TV, as models for calendars and other publications and all the other adventures they have led us on. We are so fortunate to have them in our lives.