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Our lovely Stanzi

Pillow Talk

Our lovely Stanzi is an expecting mother. We are expecting her lovely puppies any minute now!

Lacey and Rachel

This is Lacey and Rachel. Their owners take them all over the country and they share many adventures. Based in Central California, they find themselves at Poodle Parades and other poodle events.

Lacey (the white one) is a Trinity daughter… she is considered to be the glamour queen, while Rachel is a real love-muffin.

The Substandard Poodle

The Standard Poodle vs. The Sub-standard Poodle




Dear Jacki,

I have read your advice on grooming and learned so much. Your experience and guidance is always clear and professionally presented.
Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions.

I love your website. I began looking at your site while I was waiting for my girl to be born, and I have found it extremely informative. Poodles, standards in particular,  are such a great and versatile breed but good mentoring is a definite requirement for the neophyte. Which I am.

One of the first things I learned and implemented was – and I can’t remember what you all it – laying her down on her back between my legs and getting her accustomed to being handled. What a valuable lesson. Not only is she agreeable to the  grooming process, she earned her Canine Good Citizen title at 9 months old. Being handled is the hardest thing for puppies to calmly accept.

Your generosity is very much appreciated.

Thanks again,


Monsieur Louie The Poodle Phones Home

Happy thoughts from an Admiration Poodle family.

"Louie is the best dog in the WORLD and we absolutely adore him! He is a great addition to our family and just perfect for us. When we go for walks, people are always smiling & commenting about how beautiful he is. He is such a sweet, loving dog and we are so happy we have him."


Poodle Colors: What Color is My Poodle?

According to the AKC registration application the variety of Poodle colors vary:
  • Apricot
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Cafe Au Lait
  • Cream
  • Gray
  • Red
  • Silver
  • Silver Beige
  • White

Many opinions surround similar colors and are debated among breeders, owners and Poodle fans when it comes to a particular Poodle color.
To truly discuss color let’s first talk about “clearing” of coat color. This is a process by which a Poodle’s coat color changes through his/her life until it stabilizes in color at about 3 years of age. In some cases even after age 3 the coat color can continue to “clear”. For example Poodles that start off with what is thought to be a black coat can fade to blue or gray and even a platinum Silver when they are finished with coat clearing.
A true Apricot starts off literally the color of an orange then clears in hue to, in some cases, a very light peach almost unrecognizable as the same color as the once brilliant orange of the puppy one brought home from the breeder at a young age. Puppies that start off dark brown can clear to what some would call a Cafe Au Lait (coffee with cream) or even a Silver Beige as they mature. Where as Red puppies can clear to what one would be inclined to perceive the coat as an apricot. A true cream starts off with a solid coat of dark peach, not peach tipped ears or splotches of peach on the coat but a dark buttery color. Creams clear to a  buttery color that is consistent throughout the coat. Where as whites start with ear tips and perhaps a patch down the center of the back that has a peachy looking color. Then there is the “Ice white” puppy that is snow white from birth.  White to white breedings that produce these ultra white Poodles can be risky as a pure white genetic line can be prone to health issues that are not worth the risk to get that ice white coat from birth. Especially when the puppies that are bred more diversely with a black Poodle here and there on the pedigree will have a better chance of having the gorgeous black skin pigment around the lips, nose and eyes we like to see and will eventually clear to white.
It must be mentioned that coat care has a lot to do with the color a Poodle may clear to and how fast. Take for example the Silver, Grey or Blue coats which go through sort of a brown stage as they clear. I have seen young blue Poodles that I would swear were brown throughout during their adolescent and young adult stages of life. Then I see later on and they have cleared to a gorgeous dark pewter coat as a 3 year old adult knowing that they started off black makes the transformation even more interesting. An adroit groomer will use specific products to bring out the best in a Poodle coat at the different stages of development and change.
To get the most out of coat color one must keep the Poodle out of the sun. In the case of white coat clearing from a creamy puppy coat, they must be out of the sun and water. Proper shampoos and conditioners must be applied. White, blue and silver coats need a good bluing products in order to bring out the white in the coat like many whitening shampoos, conditioners and coat dressings found at Coats of every color should be bathed a minimum of once a week to really bring out the preferred coat color.
A breeder will register a Poodle marking the color he/she anticipates the coat will clear to. so if a puppy looks to be prone to being a blue when older the breeder will mark that the puppy is blue on the registration papers even though the puppy appears to be black at the time of filling out the papers. Very seldom does a coat of a 5, 10 or 15 year old remain the same as when the dog was 2 months or even 2 years old. Again one must take into consideration the coat care the dog receives as mentioned above.

Jett Doing Well

Hi Jacki,
I am the owner of one of your puppies from the litter Natalie had in the summer of 2001. I do not know if your recall the black puppy we named Jett. He is now nine years old and doing very well. People can't believe he is nine years old. He is still a happy playful poodle. He is such a great dog, and we love him very much. I was wondering if Natalie is still with you. I remember her being such a good mother to her puppies.
I hope you and all your poodles are doing well.

Little Ella Goes to NASA

A note from Kathy, Little Ella the Standard Poodle Puppy in training at NASA :

Just wanted to let you know that tomorrow is Ella's first day at
"work".  I want to do this "just right", so I have been giving it a lot of
thought.  Wish us luck!!

NASA (where I work) is on Edwards Air Force Base, and I was aware that they
have a therapy dog there.  I called the guy who owns him and he brought the
dog over for me to meet on Friday.  We talked a long time and he said I can
bring Ella over any time to go around and get "socialized".  At least the
people over there that he knows are accustomed to the energy needed to be
around these dogs.  I will probably have to train the people at NASA more
than I will have to train Ella!!

Mina & Valentine’s Christmas Greeting 2010

Colors in Standard Poodles

I do not recommend purchasing a Standard Poodle based on color.

Here's the run down on color associated characteristics:

Black or white are the most stable and outgoing in the breed.
Blue and silvers are a bit reserved although sweet
Browns are know as the "clowns in the breed" as they tend to be more active
Reds and apricots are sweet but can be harder to train, a bit goofy, very loving though
Party Poodles are not as developed as they have been ignored by the educated breeders due to the fact they are not recognize on the AKC Show Ring. However in recent years some of the good breeders have taken an interest and are trying to bring them into being the elegant dogs we see in the other colors.

The blacks and whites have had most of the attention by knowledgeable breeders so they tend to be more sophisticated in temperament and refined in appearance.