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Admiration puppies are:

  • Health guaranteed
  • Vaccinated per the latest vaccine protocols to ensure optimally strong immune systems for life
  • Fed nutritionally balanced foods that are unsurpassed in quality
  • Raised in-home and doted over… very socialized
  • Trained by professionals to ensure appropriate development
  • From genetically tested parents
  • From a variety of versatile backgrounds to protect gene pools from dying off, ensuring the longevity of our wonderful breed
  • Holistically raised… recognizing that our furry companions have physical, mental & spiritual needs
  • Placed with loving, caring, wonderful people who love them for life
  • Only given filtered water – never tap
  • Given Dr. Carmen Battaglia’s Behavioral Development Exercises from Days 3-16 which give them improved cardiovascular, stronger heart beats, stronger adrenal glands, more tolerence to stress & greater resistance to disease. Puppies are also more active, more exploratory, calmer & less distracted when being trained – (see picture below).
Infant pup gets her daily neuro-stimulation exercise with a Q-tip

Infant pup gets her daily neuro-stimulation exercise with a Q-tip


Admiration Standard Poodles

Admiration Standard Poodles

For your convenience:

Checklist for purchasing a Standard Poodle puppy

  1. [ ] Are the puppies properly groomed in a puppy cut – face, feet and tail shaved with scissoring done in proper locations?
  2. [ ] Toenails clipped short?
  3. [ ] Ears cleaned and not smelly?
  4. [ ] Grounds clean and puppies in a proper facility not just let to run loose in the yard?
  5. [ ] Water bowls clean?
  6. [ ] Puppies freshly bathed?
  7. [ ] Breeder calm and answers questions with authority?
  8. [ ] Puppies friendly and outgoing?
  9. [ ] Puppies chubby, not skinny?
  10. [ ] Plenty of toys and mental stimulus in area?
  11. [ ] Paperwork in order?
  12. [ ] Breeder experienced and not “just breeding for the experience of having puppies around” but is interested in the long-range welfare of the breed?
  13. [ ] Breeder capable of micro-chipping puppies?
  14. [ ] Breeder knowledgeable about proper vaccine protocols?
  15. [ ] Puppy started his/her crate and leash training?
  16. [ ] Puppy fed a nutritious diet?
  17. [ ] Puppy given a multi-vitamin?
  18. [ ] Puppy had recent fecal test from veterinarian?
  19. [ ] Puppies wormed without first checking to see if worms were present? (not good to medicate without need)
  20. [ ] Breeder provides a guarantee of health?
  21. [ ] Breeder asks you to fill out an application that will let breeder know what puppy will be a good fit for you?
  22. [ ] Breeder has an agreement for you to review and sign that cover things like spaying/neutering, placement (should you not be able to keep your puppy), return policy, AKC registration.
  23. [ ] Puppy can be registered with AKC?
  24. [ ] Breeder’s poodles participate in some form of dog sport?
  25. [ ] Breeder can show you puppies parents’ pedigrees?