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Puppy Pictures

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Hi there!
The whole gang
Gang’s all here
(that’s our beloved Zoey in the middle)

Mom and pup
Mommy Natalie & pup

Mouse patrol
some of us have specialized skills

Learning to Nap (4-8 weeks):

This is weird
First, we had to figure out Where to sleep
I'm learning
Here’s some improvement
Okay Now
This was better
…but… This is the Life!

1st born
Puppies first pictures

Mommy feeding
Mommy (Natalie) and her babies

1st born
“I’m 10 minutes old” – First Born

Bottle feeding
Mom needs help

Laser treatment
Laser Treatment:
to boost our nervous & immune system
Peek a boo
Peek a boo!
Got milk?
Got (goat’s) Milk?
Happy Fathers Day
Singing a happy song (6/20/04)

On the move
Puppy on the move

Our new pad
We just moved into our new nursery (7/5/04)

Standard poodle puppies
Dinner time – tails up!

Standard poodle puppies
Today we move more to regular food
(July 16, 2004)

Standard poodle puppies
Patiently waiting

Standard poodle puppy
It’s important to look our best

Puppies, Puppies, Puppies!

Standard poodle puppy
Puppy #1:
“I’m so cute, I can’t stand myself”

Standard poodle puppy
Puppy #3:
“Let’s go shopping!”

Standard poodle puppy
Puppy #4:
“I’m practicing for the show”

Standard poodle puppy
Puppy #5:
“What can I do for you?”

Standard poodle puppy
Look at my pretty profile!

Standard poodle puppy
How’s about a nice big hug.

Standard poodle puppy
When it’s time to play – we know how.

Standard poodle puppy
A happy puppy

Standard poodle puppy
Breakfast time

Standard poodle puppy
Now it’s time to eat!

Carlo Giovani goes home

Jack and his mommy

Louie’s mom and dad

Jonah with new buddy, Louis

Beauregard goes home

Beau’s family comes to pick him up

Yoshi goes home with mommy

Here’s my family

On the move

Misty’s new family

Henri goes home

Mommy came to get me!

These people love me

Here’s my family
Kobe goes home