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Puppy Placement Request Form

In taking our part in a Responsible Breeder role, we feel it is our duty to request the following information from all prospective puppy owners. Please complete this form in its entirety and submit it before scheduling your appointment.


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Estimated pick-up date:


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Please let us know how you found us:

Current residence  Rent Own

How long resided at your current address? Years

Do you plan to move in the future?  Yes No

If yes, when and where to?

Number of people residing with you

If children, please list ages

Have the children been around pets before?  Yes No

If yes, what type?


Do you have a regular Veterinarian?  Yes No

If so, please provide contact info:

Do you have a regular Pet Groomer?  Yes No

If so, please provide contact info:

Do you currently have any pets?  Yes No
If YES please proceed to Box A
If NO please proceed to Box B


What type?

Your pet(s) are kept
 Indoor Outdoor Both

Would your Standard Poodle be allowed in your home?
 Yes No

Are your current pet(s) spayed or neutered?  Yes No Some

Will your new Poodle be in communication with your other pet(s)?
 Yes No


Have you owned dogs before?
 Yes No

If yes, what breed(s)?

How long did you have them?

What became of them?


What is it that attracts you to the Standard Poodle breed?

What energy level would you like your Poodle to have?
 Mild Medium High

Are you in a financial position to:
A. Get your poodle groomed on a monthly basis? ($65 - $150, depending on the clip style)
 Yes No
B. Take your Poodle to a veterinarian for health care, including surgery or emergency care?
 Yes No

Do you plan to register your Poodle with the AKC (American Kennel Club)?
 Yes No Undecided

Do you plan to register your Poodle with the UKC (United Kennel Club)?
 Yes No Undecided

Do you plan to show your Poodle?
 Yes No

Do you plan to breed your Poodle?
 Yes No (I plan to spay/neuter) Undecided


Do you have a yard?
 Yes (fenced) Yes (not fenced) No
If yes, what size?

Would your Poodle be at home alone during your working hours?  Yes No

What hours during the week would your Poodle be left alone?

Do you think it’s necessary to take your Poodle for regular walks for physical/emotional well being?  Yes No

How do you plan to go about socializing your Poodle?

Do you plan to participate in any sport(s) with your Poodle?
 Yes No
If yes, what sport(s)?

Do you plan to have your dog participate in outdoor activities with you, such as camping, boating, fishing, biking, hiking, etc.?
 Yes No
If yes, what activities?

Do you plan to take your Poodle to an obedience class when he/she is old enough?
 Yes No

Would you agree to training your Poodle with a "light touch" rather than a "heavy hand"?
 Yes No

Do you plan to provide a crate for your Poodle?
 Yes No Undecided

Do you plan to feed your Poodle food that is all natural and of top quality?
 Yes No
If yes, what brand?

Do you plan to give your Poodle vitamins?
 Yes No
If yes, what brand?

How often do you feel a Responsible Owner should take a Poodle to a Veterinarian for a check up, even if the Poodle shows no signs of problems?

If a health problem arose at any time during your Poodle's life, would you be willing to inform Admiration?
 Yes No

If death occurs with your Poodle, would you be willing to inform Admiration?
 Yes No

If, at any time during your Poodle's life you could not keep him/her, would you be willing to return your Poodle to Admiration for re-homing?
 Yes No

Do you feel it would be okay to take your Poodle to the pound if you were unwilling or unable to care for him/her?
 Yes No

Would you agree to name your Poodle a name that is not derogatory or offensive and which holds the dignity of the breed?
 Yes No

My budget range for a Standard Poodle puppy is
Prices of Poodles vary due to amount of genetic testing done on parents, quality of pedigree, purpose (performance dog, companion only, etc.), training level & the conformation and/or working aptitude of individual dog.

Any other comments you'd like to make

At Admiration, our Main Objective is to do what is best for each and every individual Standard Poodle and ultimately do what will help our wonderful breed to flourish for many years to come…
Naturally, we reserve our esteemed right to place or not place our Standard Poodles in homes which, at our sole discretion, may or may not be deemed suitable for the Standard Poodle, persons, family, and/or any environment. Our primary position is that “the Standard Poodle always comes first”.