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Selecting a Standard Poodle

Select a poodle who is right for you, not someone who is just priced right. A big mistake that potential poodle parents make when choosing a poodle, is basing their decision totally on price. This happens mostly when people don’t know what qualities they should be looking for in a poodle. As a result, many end up with a degraded version of the Standard Poodle, lacking in beauty, temperament & worst-of-all-cases, Bad Health.

Puppies often aren’t properly socialized and trained in basic puppy skills, such as sleeping in a crate at night, and walking on a leash, which causes a puppy and you as an owner extra stress when introducing a puppy to his/her new home environment. For younger puppies, proper foundational potty training, as well as neurological stimulation can make a big difference in the poodle throughout his or her life. These are just a few of the skills an experienced, educated breeder can bring to you as a poodle companion.

Don’t let an amateur sell you a poodle that will be a problem for you, rather than the joy that a quality Standard Poodle can provide.

The cost of an Admiration Standard Poodle is determined by:

  • How much genetic testing the parents have had
  • The purpose for which the puppy was bred (pet vs. show/breeding)
  • If one or both parents are champions
  • How many champions are on the puppyxs pedigree
  • The lineage (family tree) of the pedigree

Our Standard Poodles puppies are generally priced in the range from $1,200 to $2,800 depending on the above factors.