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Really Cleaning a Dog’s Teeth

Hi Jacki

I just had my 1st successful brushing of Midnight’s teeth. Before we were using the regular dog poultry flavored toothbrush kit, and getting nowhere. He always squirmed, bit me, and ran away. My 29 years of Dental Hygiene experience just kicked in. When it comes to toothbrushes, smaller is always better, especially with a dog. I had ordered a double ended scaler. Remember, I have years of experience scaling teeth, above and below the gumline. When Ben said “It’s too dark, you can’t see”, I reminded him that I could do it blindfolded while standing on my head. I noticed Midnight was laying still and it was easy. A metal scaler is thin and sleek, not like a huge brush. I then borrowed polishing paste from the Dentist. I finally remembered tonight what I had been telling patients for years “SMALLER is better”. Midnight actually laid down and relaxed. The brush was a baby brush so it wasn’t overwhelming and he liked the mint taste of the prophy paste. He let me use the whole round packet up. Don’t use actual prophy paste more than 4 or 5 times a year [too abrasive].

Please spread the word to people to get the smallest toothbrush possible. The dog will be much more comfortable and grateful.

I hope all my years in dental practice will help dog owners. The people who invent these kits have no experience with actually cleaning teeth and comfort.

I can’t believe it took me so long to put on my other hat. Hope this helps others.