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Charli finds her home!

Jacki and Don,
It's Jeff and Gary writing to give you an update on our amazing girl. And amazing she is! I'll start from the minute we brought her home:

In the car she was a little shell shocked and totally drooly. Here she was in a Mercedes with a 2 strangers going up the I-5 wondering where she was going, why was she going, and why are they calling me "Charli"??

After coming to our apartment in Century City she soon found a land of toys, an old jack russell named Jenny, an elevator, an illegally parked Hummer, a great bed...scary and fun all in one.

She was really reeling that first week. Garbage trucks that clang, babies in scary plastic contraptions that wanted to tug on her, and those two guys who kept calling her "Charli".

Well, one week later she was potty trained. Completely. There hasn't been a single oops.

Two weeks later, totally crate trained (not that she spends alot of time there, but she does hang out and snooze and it is where all her toys and chews live).

Weeks later now, she loves to go for a "Roadtrip!" in the car, kissing little kids, happy to see her fellow friends in our complex, and so happy with her life! Since day one she has slept through the night without a whimper, waking us up only when we were with her sweet kisses and waggy tail.

We are now in obedience training with a personal trainer. She's so responsive! After 15 years with terriers, what a relief to have such a beautiful girl that loves to please you!

We just lost our jack russell this week. I think she knew that she could go...we had Charli. We were in good hands. Charli adored her and was there when she went. She understood. She seems to understand everything.

We feel so fortunate to have found you, to have found her. Cant' wait to get her back to New York next month. She has a great life ahead of her, and so do we.

Jeff and Gary

Hi Don and Jacki!

It's Jeff and Gary writing from New York City, Charli's new home and love. She's just wild about being here! Great walks through Central Park with lots of squirrels to keep her happy, an off-leash dog park just ten blocks away, and Lincoln Center just around the corner. Gary actually had a woman ask if she could take her picture day before yesterday. The doormen in the building adore her.

We think every day, "How lucky are we?". And we are.

Fondly, Jeff and Gary

Central Park
Charli at Central Park

New York Charli

Lincoln Center
Charli at Lincoln Center


Sending all my sisters and brothers a great 1st birthday! Congrats Trinity on your ribbons!

Love, Charli

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