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Brushing Your Poodle

Brushing a Poodle, whether it be for show or looking glamorous at home, is a developed skill. Correct equipment is a must to get good results. A proper Grooming Table, Pin Brushes, Metal Comb, Coat Conditioning Sprays, a High Speed Blow Dryer, a good Finishing Dryer and proper Slicker Brushes are key to getting the job done. […]

Extreme Poodles – Sneak Peek

New Video: The Cuddle

Poodle Training Tips Would you like to learn a very simple, yet powerful way to train your puppy or dog? Many times, the main issue has to do with an alpha dog. Often times, basic training and even grooming habits are nearly impossible because of a dog who thinks he or she is the ruler […]

Really Cleaning a Dog’s Teeth

Hi Jacki I just had my 1st successful brushing of Midnight’s teeth. Before we were using the regular dog poultry flavored toothbrush kit, and getting nowhere. He always squirmed, bit me, and ran away. My 29 years of Dental Hygiene experience just kicked in. When it comes to toothbrushes, smaller is always better, especially with […]

Getting the Right Blow Dryer

Hello, I wanted to thank you for the article on blow drying your poodle. I recently got a 13 pound poodle mix from the shelter.  He definitely has a poodle coat.  When I got him he was extremely matted and I carefully shaved him down.  This took a couple of days so that we wouldn’t […]

Our New Website

You may have noticed that our website has had a makeover. After several years with our blue layout, we thought it was time to modernize a bit and present ourselves with a nice blogging setup. You may still land on a “blue page” or two here and there, but fret not, you’re still at home […]

Runny eyes

If your Poodle’s eyes are runny, it could be springtime allergies OR it could be that your poodle needs more frequent ear cleaning, as the ears and eyes are connected.