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Extended Holiday Wishes

Extended Holiday Wishes from Kent Kay and Koko Colberg

Merry Christmas from Sophie

This is a Merry Christmas greeting to us from one of our Poodle families.

Amber and Pepe Need a Home

We are re-homing Amber & Pepe for a friend who lost her job and can no longer keep them. They are both very social, sweet, loving and fun! They must go together because they are best friends. They would be great for Grandma or as family pets. Amber is an apricot miniature poodle Pepe is […]

Don sings “If” to Adia

Bloating | Bloat: Do Poodles Burp?

(in response to an email) Thank you for your email. Burping means gas build up. Not good because it can lead to Bloat which can be fatal. Things that help to prevent Bloating are: No Exercise 1 hour before or after meals NO feeding or watering out of elevated bowls Feeding only highly digestible foods […]