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Fletcher and Stanzi Playing


Poodle – the most remarkable of the European breeds. Originally from Germany, though thought to be from France, the Poodle comes from the Water Dog. The term Pudel was used which means “puddle”. If you want to see a happy Poodle, take him to the beach or a lake. They are notorious as duck retrievers […]

Poodle Temperament

photo credit: Living in Monrovia Many people who know Poodles love them for the unmistakable Poodle temperament they display. Always ready to please and eager to share their love (but also ready to take – demand – your love). Standard Poodles are smart and quite lively. They are almost God-like in that they are forgiving […]

A Note From Maksim

Hello Jacki, Just wanted to let you know Maks is doing great! We absolutely love him, he is all you said he was going to be and more. Sunday we took him with us to Gene’s sisters house to play in the yard with their dog Sadie, he had so much fun, I took pictures […]

Note From Tara’s Family

Hi Jacki – Tara and I are having a great time with agility classes.  You may know our teacher, Lyssa Noble Dennis, who is now in Carlsbad but used to be very active in obedience and agility in the L.A. area. Penny, aka Millicent Abell

Handling Classes at PoodleTown

Handling Class on a beautiful spring evening at PoodleTown with Mark Stephenson instructing. As you can see here, Poodles learn very quickly. Anja thinks she knows it all. Dallas is so happy to be learning as well. Logan and his little dachshund friend are getting ready for the Junior-Handling ring when Logan is old enough. […]

Greetings from Cindy Lou Who’s new family

Just wanted you to know that Cindy Lou is absolutely wonderful.  I love her soooo much.  She is a very very special girl.  She’s doing well with *everything*!  I’ve had her on the grooming table for some clipping 2xs plus a couple of more times just for brushing and she is doing well.  She’s had […]

Anja at her Second Show

Here’s a little slide show of Anja at her second show last year at Lake Perris.

Bloating | Bloat: Do Poodles Burp?

(in response to an email) Thank you for your email. Burping means gas build up. Not good because it can lead to Bloat which can be fatal. Things that help to prevent Bloating are: No Exercise 1 hour before or after meals NO feeding or watering out of elevated bowls Feeding only highly digestible foods […]

Male Standard Poodle Gets Major: Fletcher

Here is the show picture of Fletcher at his big win on Jan 8, 2010 DETAILS