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Testimonial: Jack

I just wanted to drop a line about our beautiful Jack.  He is 16 months old now! I can’t believe we have had him a year now.  He thinks he’s human and often I find myself treating like one of the boys!  He and our youngest son fight like siblings and are often in trouble […]

Testimonial from Ringo’s new family

This just in from Ringo’s family in the Frisco area. We love Ringo and are so happy that he has such a wonderful home! “Hey Jacki – “I needed to get a quick email out to you to tell you that Ringo is doing wonderfully!  I feel like he loved us so much and we […]

Little note from Gracie’s mom

Dear Jacki, Gracie is doing great and we are having a wonderful time with her. She has the best personality and is both funny and extremely patient. Sincere regards, Kendall Childs

Standard Poodle Puppy Testimonial: Yzzie

Hi Jacki .. Just thought I’d send a note and tell you how wonderful my little fairy princess is .. she’s just a tad over 19″ at the shoulder and 33 pounds at almost 11 months. Her vet called her perfect and she is. She’s just graduating her first obedience class – at the top […]

Valri’ and Mimi are Top at UKC

Admiration Charmed I’m Sure (Valri’) obtained her UKC Grand Championship status and is now holding steady at #2 UKC Standard Poodle in the world. Her sister, Admiration Come Fly with Me (Mimi) just took Breed (Best Standard Poodle) in a recent UKC dog show over 11 other females. The United Kennel Club (UKC) classifies the […]

Off to new adventures

They are sooooo wonderful!!!!!! Hi Jacki and Don! The puppies are more wonderful than we had even imagined, and they fit into life here so easily! We can’t even begin to thank you enough for the beauty, attitudes and behavior of these two dogs!!! The whole family is spending lots of time with them, both […]

A little note from Mia’s mom

Hi Jacki, We love our “little” Mia. She brings so many smiles to our faces each day. Shi is also doing very well in school.  She especially loves all of the agility activities.