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Crate Training for Fiona

Fiona is getting reluctant to go into her crate and while I am not opposed to giving treats I am concerned that if she gets one every time then it will take one every time. Using treats at Fiona’s current age (4 months) is a good thing. Always say “crate” as she enters. This command […]

New Video: The Cuddle

Poodle Training Tips Would you like to learn a very simple, yet powerful way to train your puppy or dog? Many times, the main issue has to do with an alpha dog. Often times, basic training and even grooming habits are nearly impossible because of a dog who thinks he or she is the ruler […]

Our New Website

You may have noticed that our website has had a makeover. After several years with our blue layout, we thought it was time to modernize a bit and present ourselves with a nice blogging setup. You may still land on a “blue page” or two here and there, but fret not, you’re still at home […]