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Creating Sound Temperaments in Poodles

At Tyler Mall on Labor Day 2017 walking the young ones around the mall for environmental acclimation. Really important to get the young ones out in different areas that have different sights, smells and sounds. Not for very young puppies but at 6 months or so we take them out. They have very stable temperaments […]

Leash Training

Here’s a simple little slide show showing you how we start a puppy off right on learning the leash.

Crate Training for Fiona

Fiona is getting reluctant to go into her crate and while I am not opposed to giving treats I am concerned that if she gets one every time then it will take one every time. Using treats at Fiona’s current age (4 months) is a good thing. Always say “crate” as she enters. This command […]

Handling Classes at PoodleTown

Handling Class on a beautiful spring evening at PoodleTown with Mark Stephenson instructing. As you can see here, Poodles learn very quickly. Anja thinks she knows it all. Dallas is so happy to be learning as well. Logan and his little dachshund friend are getting ready for the Junior-Handling ring when Logan is old enough. […]

Testimonial from Ringo’s new family

This just in from Ringo’s family in the Frisco area. We love Ringo and are so happy that he has such a wonderful home! “Hey Jacki – “I needed to get a quick email out to you to tell you that Ringo is doing wonderfully!  I feel like he loved us so much and we […]

New Video: The Cuddle

Poodle Training Tips Would you like to learn a very simple, yet powerful way to train your puppy or dog? Many times, the main issue has to do with an alpha dog. Often times, basic training and even grooming habits are nearly impossible because of a dog who thinks he or she is the ruler […]

A Puppy’s Homecoming

How old should a puppy be when he/she comes home? If you purchase a puppy between the ages of 8 weeks and 12 weeks there are some of things that you should be aware of. 1. A very young puppy, 8 to 12 weeks of age, is high maintenance. They do not have bladder and […]

A little note from Mia’s mom

Hi Jacki, We love our “little” Mia. She brings so many smiles to our faces each day. Shi is also doing very well in school.  She especially loves all of the agility activities.