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Natalie, we wish to thank you for all of your unwavering dedication and loyal service to Admiration. You have brought to us wonderful, loving and beautiful puppies over the years that have been placed into loving homes and brought much happiness to many.

We wish you the best and most fun retirement any poodle could ask for. We look forward to long walks with you, evenings together watching TV and watching you play with your grandchildren. We love you, Natalie. Thank you.


We hope that we can give our darling Natalie as much happiness as we have received from her. She is a calm and quiet girl who also loves to have a good time. Natalie is very feminine, as you can see from her pictures, but she also is always up for a good walk in the park. Natalie surprised us when she popped into a pointer stance while watching a kitty cross our back yard. We like this because this shows she has the versatility that is so coveted in the Standard Poodle breed.

I know, if we let her, she'd take off across the ponds at the park in pursuit of the ducks but, being the mannerly girl she is, she restrains because she knows that would just not be socially acceptable. Oh - that persistent stare that lets us know it's time to go have a jaunt around the neighborhood or along the river bed! We are constantly amazed at Natalie's ability to communicate without speaking a word.

Natalie loves to have her hair done and she loves to look pretty. She particularly likes her new hair-do, which we gave her for practicality sake, to make it easy for her to deal with her babies. Short all over, terrier tail and ears short. She looks so cute in this clip kind of like a very perky teenager in a "Bob" haircut. She's been smiling a lot since we put this clip on her, very sporty.

Natalie is a devoted friend and a devoted mother. She has given us the best puppies we could ever hope for. Now that she is going into official retirement we will make sure that we continue to treat her like the queen she is. She has given so much and asked for so little in return. We love you Natalie, our devoted girl, we look forward to having you at our sides for a long time to come.

Outstanding progeny from our gorgeous Natalie

Progeny have passed all genetic testing
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Standard poodle: Felicity

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