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Very Special Litter Coming!


Daddy reassuring Renee the week before delivery


AM GCH Jaset Infamy (Ledger)

*Very Special Announcement!*

Now Expecting Gorgeous, Sound, Spectacular Poodle Puppies!

AM GCH Jaset Infamy (Ledger) & Admiration You Had Me At Hello (Renee) will be welcoming their puppies on February 3rd, 2017. Picks are going to be made in order in which deposits are received. All testing is current. We are now taking reservations!

The Brave Bell

Bell is a Standard Poodle with loving owners who care for her very much.

She has been accustomed to playing in her front yard quite often. Her yard is a trusted place where she felt safe. Her owners feel safe and comfortable with her out there as well. One Bellday Bell was playing in her yard as usual. Never in a million years would they think of letting their beautiful poodle playing in the front yard would ever cause them any harm, but on this particular day they were wrong.

Before they knew it, she had gone missing. Her owners had no idea what poor Bell was going through at the moment, but they were extremely concerned.

She was taken from her front yard by purebred dog thieves. They snatched her up from her front yard and put her in there van. Being the smart poodle that she is, she knew that she didn’t belong to these people. Bell then became frantic! She knew that something had gone terribly wrong. Bell did everything she could to get out of the hands of these dog thieves. She then jumped out the window, and ran as fast and as far away as she could!

As she was running down the highway, onlookers were trying to help get her back to the dog thieves, but she was not having it. Bell ran from everyone – even those who seemed as if they were trying to help her. The onlookers thought “why is this dog so scared of these people if they really are her owners?” Something didn’t seem right, so they asked the thieves if Bell was even their dog. They noticed other types of purebred dogs in the back of their van and were quite suspicious.

Bell ran and ran and dodged and dodged – no one could catch her.

It started to become night and finally the dog thieves had given up. They left Bell in a shopping center. She had been running away from them for quite some time now. She was NOT left alone: A nice, kind lady had made it a point to capture her. She was not going to let this beautiful poodle go astray. She was then able to put Bell in her green pickup truck and away they went. Bell spent the night at this kind lady’s barn.

The very next day this sweet lady had taken her to the Vet to get her microchip scanned.  The vet found Bell’s owner’s right away and she was returned to her loving family. Bell now can no longer play in her lovely front yard. Never again will her loving owners let Bell out of their sight.

Henri Family Says “Hi”

Henri’s folks sent us this lovely announcement to let us know how he’s doing. Thanks a million!

Don and Jacki,

Wanted to share with you Henri’s progress.
He’s independent, smart, loves to run in the back yard and had figure out the doggy door, but not necessarily for going out pee or poop.

Ellie, our yorkie poo, scolds him when she thinks he shouldn’t be doing something. Acting like he’s her puppy. Dinky, our white Poodle mix, yipes when he just looks at her. Doesn’t seem to bother him at all. Buhenri2bba, our 12 year old black and white cat enjoys being groomed by henri and they seems to be friends. Susie, our orange cat, isn’t afraid o Henri and tolerates being bounced on.

Henri hasn’t met Mimi yet. She still new and keeps to herself.

Mornings start at 5:00 am wit us all going outside to do business. Then breakfast. He finishes everything, every time. Then outside. Then playtime. henriThen quiet time, while I drink my coffee and read the paper. The rest of the day is schedule of outside, playtime. And napping. Henri enjoys bringing in every leaf and twig into the house. He is not afraid of the vacuum, as i have to do everyday now.

He sleeps well at night. Sometimes wakes at about one o’clock but occupies himself with his toys, then goes back asleep. I am very happy with this ! Its a lot of work raising a puppy and at 63 this is probably my last time. I am so looking forward to going for daily walks. It will benefit both of us! Thank you so much for Henri, we love him

Sincerely, AMY

Happy 2017!

Poodle Circus on the Ranch

Walking with our Standard Poodle puppies is like a big top circus!

Slide show with the puppies

Fun slide show out playing with the puppies.

Standard Poodle Puppies at 7 weeks!

Stanzi and Coby’s Pups – born Thanksgiving 2015
Here Mommy is showing them around – and horsing around too!

Stanzi Puppies Born Thanksgiving 2015

Getting Jiggy With It.
In the whelping box @ 3 weeks old. Puppies are starting to play and also starting potty training.

Standard Poodle Puppies Available!

LangleyBeautiful Standard Poodle puppies, black and white available. Parents are genetically tested and are hand-raised in our home, under foot and handled daily. Pick-of-litter blue boy is ready to go now: Crate-trained, Leash-trained, Fun, Loving, Gentle.

New litter born on Thanksgiving, will be ready to go first of February. Will be gorgeous. Sound temperaments. Taking deposits.

We do Battaglia’s neurostimulation to “boot up” immune systems, neurological and cardio systems, increasing health, stamina and mental alertness throughout life. We feed a combination of raw and quality grain-free foods, with our own line of probiotics, enzymes and vitamins.

Puppies leave us with basic house-breaking skills, leash training, crate training, socialization and age-appropriate vaccines. Our vaccine protocol is conservative as to not overwhelm the puppy’s delicate immune system.litter at 1 week

We love each and every puppy as an individual and give them many toys in different environments so that they are stable and easily adapt to their new homes.

Puppies are guaranteed and will be ready to go to their new forever-homes, early February 2016.

For more information, contact 714-234-6367
Admiration Standard Poodles, Riverside, CA, email:

Penny – Ready for Fall!

  • penny_fallPenny is all dressed up for fall
  • Walks on a leash
  • Potty trained to age appropriate level
  • Crate trained
  • Very quick learner
  • Lovely Standard Poodle Puppy!

Black Puppy

Black Standard Poodle Puppy