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Beau's Success Story

Hi Don & Jacki:

Just a note to let you know that Barry, Beau and I made it home safe and sound. He was a perfect angel the entire trip... I sat in the back seat and held him the entire trip which he seemed to appreciate. When we arrived home we let him romp on the front lawn for a few minutes and allowed him to become familiar with his surroundings. We let him roam around in the yard and then slowly introduced him to his other roommates. Each one adjusted quickly and later in the evening Beau decided to nap on the couch next to Mom. When it was time to go to bed, it was clear that he missed his littermates, so I threw a blanket on the floor and slept there with him all night. First thing this morning I took him outside, he did his business, he is such a jewel, we feel so blessed that we found you and your exceptional babies!

After we drive down to San Diego to pick up some Back To Basics dog food, we will get some film and attempt to get some pictures to share with you. Beau is a perfect little sweetheart and has definitely settled quickly into our home and our hearts. He is without a doubt an excellent addition to our family, exceeding all of our expectations. We will keep in touch and inform you of his progress.

Always, B&LB


From 2nd letter:

Beau is absolutely everything we had hoped for and more! We are very much impressed with how well behaved he is and how well he does with his paper training, he has not had one accident in the house, even though we can't disguise little accidents we have had with our other dogs. We are laying some lovely tile down throughout the house except for the bedrooms in order to make it a cleaner and healthier environment for us and the dogs and we still have the living room left to do. It is so much easier to vacuum and mop tile floors than to shampoo carpets all the time. Beau absolutely loves the tile because it keeps him cool, especially since I know he was used to staying in the yard and now we keep him in the house with us at night.

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