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Jonah #2

Hi Jacki,

Just wanted to drop you a line to tell you that the puppy we got from you is doing great -- we're very happy... and I think he is too. His temperament is calm, which is serving him well in getting along with our cat. He's very playful and loving...

Regards, RT

Hi Jacki & Don,

Just wanted to send you an update on Jonah. My wife and I are so grateful to have him in our lives. He's such a well mannered, good natured boy! Everyone adores him. We walk every day around the harbor where people (from tiny babies to elderly dog lovers) just lavish affection on him. We hear stories of poodles past & present as well as introduce kids to the wonders of a poodle puppy. He's exceptionally social with people and dogs alike... very calm and warm. Babies & kids of course want to hug him too... and it doesn't stop there. I take him to my gym some times and there are some body-builder guys who just gush over him. In the afternoons, we take him to a local park with huge grassy yards where he runs and wrestles with other dogs for hours... and where he's usually the center of attention. He loves to fetch and to race with other dogs, and to steal other dogs' toys and get the whole pack to chase him. He's been swimming in our pool some and once in the ocean. He's very calm and intelligent when introduced to new things... he seems to "think" about things. He's got a special skill for enticing other dogs to play. Several times we've met older dogs or somewhat grumpy dogs and he's drawn them out to play -- the owners telling us that their dog hasn't done that in years.

On the whole, he's having a full and interesting life, and we are thrilled to be part of it. Attached here are some pix... one playing by the pool after a swim, one before his first hair cut, one side shot playing in the yard, and one of him after wrestling with a golden his age covered in grass in the park.

I don't know if any of the other owners from this litter would be interested, but I would love for him to meet one of his siblings again... let me know if there is a way to arrange that.

Regards and best wishes to you both, RT

Jonah & Louis

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