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The Standard Poodle is the best breed for many reasons. The first that most people think of is their intelligence. This breed is one of (if not the) most intelligent dogs in existence. Many people think of them as being human-like.

Another reason for the popularity of the Standard Poodle is their beauty. No one can deny that the Poodle is the most elegant of all dog breeds. One quick glimpse at an AKC breeds poster or a stroll through any dog show is proof enough that they are magnificent to look at. Having a Standard Poodle walking by your side down the street or in a crowd is something to be proud of… not to mention the amount of Admiration that you get.

We are very proud of our Poodles and are glad you stopped by our web site. We occasionally have puppies available. If you’re interested in one, you can fill out the Request Form and submit it for review. We hope you find our site helpful and would love to hear from you.

Happy Poodling!