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Bloating | Bloat: Do Poodles Burp?

(in response to an email)

Thank you for your email. Burping means gas build up. Not good because it can lead to Bloat which can be fatal.

Things that help to prevent Bloating are:

  1. No Exercise 1 hour before or after meals
  2. NO feeding or watering out of elevated bowls
  3. Feeding only highly digestible foods that your dog is not allergic to like Raw Green Tripe
  4. No grains in food
  5. Feeding a number of small meals instead of one big meal
  6. No “Free Feeding’ – (having food available at any given time)
  7. Chiropractic adjustments
  8. Prairie Paste – 3 tubes, double dose 4 times per day until gone.
  9. After Prairie Paste treatment is completed add double dose of Critter Corral to food with each meal.
  10. Do not let your dog bark for long durations of time. They swallow air and this can blow up the belly and cause bloat.
  11. If dog is very thirsty only allow small amounts of water at 10 minute intervals. Never allow them to drink in excess, particularly if feeding kibble which can bulk up and cause bloat and torsion (can lead to a quick death).
  12. Purchase a Bloat Kit to fend off torsion on the way to your emergency treatment facility. We can provide this to you on special order.

Hope all this gives you some good information to work with.
Take care.