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Henri Family Says “Hi”

Henri’s folks sent us this lovely announcement to let us know how he’s doing. Thanks a million!

Don and Jacki,

Wanted to share with you Henri’s progress.
He’s independent, smart, loves to run in the back yard and had figure out the doggy door, but not necessarily for going out pee or poop.

Ellie, our yorkie poo, scolds him when she thinks he shouldn’t be doing something. Acting like he’s her puppy. Dinky, our white Poodle mix, yipes when he just looks at her. Doesn’t seem to bother him at all. Buhenri2bba, our 12 year old black and white cat enjoys being groomed by henri and they seems to be friends. Susie, our orange cat, isn’t afraid o Henri and tolerates being bounced on.

Henri hasn’t met Mimi yet. She still new and keeps to herself.

Mornings start at 5:00 am wit us all going outside to do business. Then breakfast. He finishes everything, every time. Then outside. Then playtime. henriThen quiet time, while I drink my coffee and read the paper. The rest of the day is schedule of outside, playtime. And napping. Henri enjoys bringing in every leaf and twig into the house. He is not afraid of the vacuum, as i have to do everyday now.

He sleeps well at night. Sometimes wakes at about one o’clock but occupies himself with his toys, then goes back asleep. I am very happy with this ! Its a lot of work raising a puppy and at 63 this is probably my last time. I am so looking forward to going for daily walks. It will benefit both of us! Thank you so much for Henri, we love him

Sincerely, AMY

Happy 2017!