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Poodle Contests

We Have TWO (2) Contests For You To Enter Your Poodle In!

Birthday Contest

Come join the Celebration! On the 15th of every month we will have a random drawing of Poodles who’s birthday falls in that month.  The lucky Poodle will win a prize and be announced in our newsletter.

Send us each of your Poodles’ names and birthdays, along with a current picture and we’ll make sure your lovey-dovey gets a chance to win a special Poodley Birthday gift!

Poodle Story Contest

We want to hear from you. We would like a Poodle story of any kind, fiction or real life, funny, touching or sad (anything goes) along with a picture or video of the star Poodle in your story.

We will randomly draw the winner of the Poodle Story Writing Contest every month on the 15th. The winner will receive a special gift from Admiration! Looking forward to reading what’s been happening in your PoodleTown!

NOTE: If you would like to enter more than one Poodle, please do them separately.
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