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Standard Poodle Puppy Testimonial: Yzzie

Hi Jacki ..

Just thought I’d send a note and tell you how wonderful my little fairy princess is .. she’s just a tad over 19″ at the shoulder and 33 pounds at almost 11 months. Her vet called her perfect and she is.

She’s just graduating her first obedience class – at the top – and is heading into agility classes next. She’s smart and wants to please. Most importantly, though, she is the sweetest little girl you would ever hope to meet. She loves to sit with you, whether at home, at work or at Starbucks (one of her favorite places!). She cuddles with you on the couch, sits in your lap and loves to be held. She’s quite the little charmer and has family and friends eating out of her paws. And she loves dogs as much as she loves people.

She’s quite the little athlete, too. I see her competing in agility and especially in jumpers.

She still puppy-silly, and has the hairdo to go with it. She’ll get her first “adult” look in a few months, but for now she’s floppy and funny and my only worry with her is that someone will steal her. I’ve had a number of people as for her breeder and lots more just ask if I want to sell her.

Here’s a picture of her and her silly do ..

Many thanks,
Laura Rooney